Daniela Plascencia
Clinical Supervisor

I completed my Bachelor’s in Neuroscience at UofT and was fascinated by the way the brain and environment influence behaviours across populations. I wanted to have a direct influence on people and behaviours, which led me to complete the Behaviour Science Technician program at George Brown. 

Throughout my placements, I was able to experience firsthand the truth about a statement made by a professor that further sparked my passion to learn more about the field: “If you’ve met a person with autism, you’ve really only have met one person with autism.”

In working as an Instructor Therapist at the Lighthouse since 2019, amongst the many things I’ve learnt, one of the most important is realizing that learning occurs in a mutual manner. That is, that while we strive to teach our kiddos essential skills to show off their talents for them to thrive in society, we in turn learn from them everyday!

These children have strengthened my desire to continue learning and garnering knowledge that will further help our kiddos continue to succeed. Therefore, I am pursuing my Masters of Professional Education program at Western University and am honoured to be working for all our amazing kiddos alongside an incredible team throughout this opportunity!