Occupational Therapy focuses on enabling participation/engagement in:

  1. Activities that are  necessary for an individual to perform in daily life and
  2. Activities that are meaningful or highly valued by an individual.

Such activities typically fall under the broad categories of self-care, productivity, and leisure. Occupational therapists can help to adapt tasks or environments to match the needs and abilities of individuals or can focus on specific skill development in order to help facilitate participation in daily living with as much independence as possible. 

At the Lighthouse, Occupational Therapy services are specifically geared towards enabling participation in the school environment. Our occupational therapist will work directly with your child to help them develop specific school related skills and will also collaborate with teachers and ABA therapists to make adaptations to tasks and environments to help facilitate their success.

It is our belief that having an Occupational Therapist who is a trained Instructor Therapist is what sets apart our OT services from other centres.  Autism is a complex disorder that requires a comprehensive understanding of how different each child with Autism is and that their needs require individualized intervention.  Having an OT who has an extensive understanding of Autism will ensure that the intervention targets each individual child based on their needs. 

Since September 2021, Occupational Therapy services have been available to all Lighthouse families as well as external clients.