Our mission at Lighthouse is to support individuals, families, and our community through the creation of lifetime partnerships based on understanding Autism as a whole. To lead and innovate research and learning on the spectrum and to drive accessibility of services through collaborative community engagement.

With your help, we will be able to achieve our mission. We strive to grow and deliver enriched programs to our learners. The need to invest in facilities and therapeutic services will provide each child in our centre the opportunity to succeed — we need to raise significant funds, and that’s where you come in.

Our Vision

To serve as a beacon of hope, inspiration and encouragement for individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder.

Our Values

Our values guide our relationships with the students we teach, their families, our partners, our employees and the community.

Calling All Champions of Neurodiversity

Everyday at the Lighthouse, we are providing groundbreaking, personalized education that gives every child with autism the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Lighthouse is a place where every child belongs, is valued, respected, and loved. 

Our unique, child-centric, and successful model has given our learners the opportunity to become their best selves. Creating an inclusive environment and removing barriers teaches learners the foundational skills to reach greater heights of success. That’s what the Lighthouse provides – a truly exceptional, innovative, and wonderful learning experience for neurodivergent children. 

In Canada 1 in 37 children are diagnosed with autism each year. It is imperative to provide a comprehensive education that embodies the importance of life and social skills programming to ensure our kids can succeed and have a community in which they can thrive. 

Please join us by becoming a Champion of the Lighthouse Learning and Development Center. Your contributions will ensure we can help more kids reach their full potential and that we can provide even more comprehensive, innovative learning opportunities for children with neurodiversity.

Help us reach our goal

Our fundraising goals for the 2023-2024 School Year

Your investment will go to: Programs, Resources, Therapeutics, Technologies, Facilities, Services and the Scholarship Fund – This is an initiative that help us provide the best possible learning opportunities for as many kids as possible so that they can achieve their true potential.

Due to the extremely limited government and community financial support, many of our students do not receive any funding support at all.

Part of our fundraising goal is to build a scholarship fund so that we can help more students and ensure that our current students are able to avail themselves of our services and programming. We will continue to invest in current, ground-breaking training programs for our staff, to ensure that they are able to provide the best educational opportunities and therapeutic support for our students.



Our mission is only attainable with the help of supporters like you. Help us create a brighter future for neurodivergent individuals to thrive, with personalized and inclusive educational opportunities. Join us on the path to becoming a Beacon of Light, with a recurring or one-time gift. Once a specified level of donations have been attained, you will be inducted into the Lighthouse Donor Levels as listed below: 


Champions who donate or help raise funds from $1000 to $50,000, will be inducted into the Champion Level.




For donations above $50,000 we encourage you to reach out to:
Dianne Dalisay, Director of Philanthropy
We would love to work closely with you to create a tailored campaign that will make an impactful and lasting difference.


What We Do Matters

Because every child is amazing and capable of great things.

Because every child has incredible potential.

Because every child can learn and be whatever they want to be.

Because neurodiverse individuals contribute incredible perspectives, ideas, art, innovation and value to our communities, to our workplaces, to our economy and our society.

The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre is committed to being a safe, inclusive place where children with Autism learn, grow, and reach their full potential. With programming focused on life skills, academic curriculum, and critical interventions and therapeutics like speech therapy and occupational therapy, Lighthouse provides a learning environment unlike any other.

For more than 8 years, the Lighthouse has been dedicated to putting the needs of children first and ensuring a warm, supportive, safe, and innovative educational space for children with autism to reach their full potential. The Lighthouse can only continue to grow and do this work with the generous support of people and organizations like you. 

Please consider becoming a monthly donor, or providing a one-time donation, ensuring that our children with autism can get the needed support and education they deserve. 

Your generous donations will go to support our scholarship fund, build new therapeutic spaces, and provide more programming and enhanced services based on the needs and interests of our amazing students. 

Please join our community and donate to help ensure the success of our children. 

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