Grand Opening of Our New Location

Tomorrow, we will be holding the grand opening of our new facility! These last few [...]

14-Year Anniversary

This September will mark 14 years since my son was diagnosed with autism. Fourteen years [...]

Happy Belated Birthday

I cannot remember the last time I wrote a blog. To be honest, I can’t [...]

Trouble with Transitions: tips for setting your child up for success!

Transitions – changing task, going from one place to another – can be hard for [...]

March break and ASD!

Sun? Grass? Snow pants are optional? Spring may not exactly be here just yet, but [...]

The Lighthouse 2nd Annual Bingo Bowl

The tickets are selling out for the event and donations are beyond what we could [...]

Socializing on the Spectrum

For many children, being social is a natural part of their day. Going to school, [...]

Advice you SHOULD listen to

Every child, typically developing, and with autism drive their parents crazy sometimes. And as an [...]

Respite Care and Therapy….What’s the Big Difference?

Respite care truly is a blessing. It provides temporary care of the dependent elderly, an [...]


At The Lighthouse, in addition to our 3 classrooms, we also have an ABA therapy [...]

The Dream Team

There are many reasons I am thankful that I work at The Lighthouse. I love [...]

Never Stop Learning, because Life Never Stopes Teaching

Last week a few of us ventured downtown Toronto to the Metro Convention Centre to [...]

Incidental Teaching

Incidental teaching is an important part of learning for all children, including children with ASD. [...]

Rigidity and Inflexibility at School

When one is cognitively flexible, a typical day of school may include transitioning with ease [...]

A Whole New World: The Change from Public to Private School Teacher

“Be willing to be a beginner every day.” – Meister Eckhart Two years ago I [...]

Back to School in the Junior Room!

September has begun and it’s full speed ahead for the Junior Class! The first week [...]

Functional Communication

For all of human kind, communication is vital! Whether it is in a classroom, a [...]

The Year at a Glance

I cannot believe that there is just over a month of school left! I am [...]

Get up and Get out! Taking Learning Outside.

When it comes to learning, the content of what we learn is usually emphasized. However, [...]

Non-contingent Reinforcement

When starting a new behaviour protocol for their child, autism parents have always been told [...]

The Importance of ABA in Schools

Applied Behavioural Analysis. ABA.  It’s a sticky word. What is it really? It falls under [...]

Autism Therapy Funding and How it Affects YOU

Unless you live in a bubble you know that recently the Ministry of Child and [...]

Benefits of Inclusive Camps for Children Without Disabilities

Earlier this year, one of my fellow colleagues wrote a blog post about The Joy [...]

The Importance of ABC Data

I think everyone in the autism community can agree that one of the first thing [...]

Social Events and Autism

Growing up as a child, I recall many social excursions with my family. Activities such [...]

Autism Doesn’t End At 5

Over the past week, Autism intervention has been a hot topic of discussion in the [...]

People First Language

“Remember: a disability descriptor is simply a medical diagnosis; People First Language respectfully puts the [...]

The Importance of Taking Breaks

There is a mountain of snow outside today!  Some of you are at work, some [...]

ADHD and Medication

My son has severe ADHD, and yes he is on medication. I am going to [...]

Learning is Fun!

I love teaching because I have the power to make learning fun. I can be [...]

Dating and Autism

Most parents probably cringe at the thought of their babies growing up and entering the [...]

Everyone Should Have Summer Fun!

When Daniel was first diagnosed with autism I had no idea what that meant, I [...]

Eating Habits in Children with Autism

As I approach my third trimester in my pregnancy, I begin to think about my [...]

What to Expect at a Lighthouse Camp

When it comes to finding a suitable camp for children with Autism, it can become [...]

The JOY of Inclusion Camping

Camping. Inclusion. Two of my very favourite worlds have collided. I am thankful to say [...]

A Super Detective!

As we enter into 2016, the Junior class will begin diving deeper into SuperFlex: A [...]

A World Full of Changes

Everyday we wake up, brush our teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, and begin our busy [...]


I have always loved learning new things about my environment, the people around me and [...]

Technology in the Classroom

Gone are the days of parchment and clay, we live in a world filled with [...]

Literacy and Children with Autism

The world of literacy for children can be filled with endless possibilities when learning how [...]

Promoting Autism Acceptance

The words “autism” and “acceptance” are both very powerful words. When we read them independent [...]

The Importance of an Individualized Education Plan

Within the world of education, I have come across a variety of students filled with [...]

The Back to School Lunch Box For A Child With Autism

Confession: I’m a Pinterest addict. I could waste hours of my time pinning everything I [...]

Yes, someone always has it worse….BUT

When Daniel was first diagnosed with Autism I wasn’t sure what to do what that [...]

Knowledge is Power

The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre understands that not all children who have an Autism [...]

Is ignorance really bliss?

Starting a new venture is hard, very hard in fact.  You place all of your [...]

Non-Profit vs For-Profit …. our thoughts

“Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and [...]

Join us at the Lighthouse Open House – Saturday, May 9

This weekend was a busy one, preparing to open our doors to parents, children and [...]

Lighthouse on NEWSTALK 1010 – April 25th, 2015

  Visit Newstalk 1010 here  

Lighthouse on NEWSTALK 1010 – April 15th, 2015

Visit Newstalk 1010 here I had the pleasure on Wednesday night of going down to [...]

Parallel Play with children who have Autism

  That’s right, I have a black eye!  It happened last night while playing with [...]

What are we but our stories?

Being a mother of a child with Autism I have a lot of stories. Some [...]