My son has attended the Lighthouse Learning and Development Center since September 2015, when he started Junior Kindergarten, and he is currently in Grade 3. 

The amazing staff at the Lighthouse have been my son’s biggest advocates and my guiding lights throughout this time, and they have basically become a part of our family. The progress that my son has made in his time at the school has amazed and delighted me. He has gone from a timid 4 year old with limited verbal and social skills to a friendly, talkative gamer and coder who loves math and science and spending time with his friends and teachers. The staff, teachers, and management at Lighthouse have proven time after time that they are committed to ensuring the success of every child at the centre and have been instrumental in helping me and my family develop our own strategies for responding to challenging behaviours and modelling consistent behaviour both in and out of school. I am so, so grateful for the patience, understanding, and creative solutions to problems that the team have demonstrated time and again. I know without a doubt that the staff at the Lighthouse are committed to helping my child achieve his full potential, and that is reflected in his academic progress, the HUGE strides he has made in social and verbal skills, and how much he loves going to school every day. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to adapt to new ways of learning and working, Serena and the team at the Lighthouse were adaptive and proactive in setting up remote learning while public schools were still scrambling to figure out what a virtual learning platform would even look like. Throughout this extremely challenging time the staff has continued to pivot, adapt, and explore new ways to accommodate the students and families that rely on them every day while also keeping us informed and looped into ongoing developments. 

In short, the team has been nothing short of incredible.

I am so happy I made the decision to enroll my son at the Lighthouse years ago. The impact this school has had on my child’s development simply can’t be overstated, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity for him to attend the Lighthouse. There really isn’t another school like this one.


The Lighthouse is family. They have helped us navigate through many milestones and important decisions. Serena and her team have proven time and time again, that our son’s best interest is always their top priority.  Maxx has been part of their family for more than four years now, and we could not have made a better decision for our son, and our family, than deciding to enroll him in the Lighthouse. His progress over the years has been tremendous, and I have no doubt he will continue to demonstrate the same level of success as time goes on. There is such a level of support, love and advocacy for our kids at the Lighthouse.  Maxx loves them just as much as they love him.  As a parent of a child with special needs, nothing brings me more comfort than knowing that.


My daughter has attended The Lighthouse since it first opened. This school has provided her with the environment that all Special Needs parents hope for. She has had amazing and supportive Teachers through the years, always looking to give her all the opportunities to learn, constantly revising and ensuring she continues to progress. The Lighthouse Team always goes above and beyond, during the Pandemic time the Lighthouse was the one constant that our entire Family could count on, the Team kept School safe and allowed her to continue to thrive during this difficult time.

The Lighthouse Learning and development centre has been everything and more than we could have hoped for, for a proper education for our child with ASD and Apraxia speech delays.  Serena and caring staff  have always put our concerns first and have always been quick to change things up when we feel it’s needed.  We have been attending this school for 5 years and we feel it’s the best decision we have ever made for our child’s education and therapy.