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People First Language

“Remember: a disability descriptor is simply a medical diagnosis; People First Language respectfully puts the person before the disability; and a person with a disability is more like people without disabilities than different!” –National Inclusion Project I was so excited to watch that video from The Ellen Show of a young adult with Autism who […]

The Importance of an Individualized Education Plan

Within the world of education, I have come across a variety of students filled with a special gift. Some were young, eager new learners, entering into their classroom like a sponge waiting to receive all the information they could possibly retrieve. Others were new language learners, entering into their “Canadian” classrooms filled with the unknown […]

The Back to School Lunch Box For A Child With Autism

Confession: I’m a Pinterest addict. I could waste hours of my time pinning everything I love into super organized creative boards. For some people, being a Pinterest addict evolves into beautiful homes, organized closets, gourmet food and fantastic crafts. For me, it is pretty much just a time waster. You see, while I have all […]

Knowledge is Power

The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre understands that not all children who have an Autism diagnosis require a specialized school setting. There are a large number of children on the spectrum who are quite capable of achieving full success while integrated in a public school setting. Unfortunately for children with Autism, it isn’t that simple. […]