Grand Opening of Our New Location

Tomorrow, we will be holding the grand opening of our new facility!

These last few weeks, we have been working to create the most amazing space for our kids to learn. Throughout this expansion, I have been asked a lot about my personal journey, why we created Lighthouse and how it became so successful. The answer has always remained the same: my son.

When Daniel was diagnosed with autism, I became driven to ensure that he would have every opportunity in life that my daughter would have. It became clear that the public school system was not equipped to teach Daniel in a way that would allow him to achieve what I knew he was capable of. I have always been honest with myself and others about how much intervention Daniel needed. But that never stopped me from ensuring that he had every chance to reach his full potential.

As more and more students enrolled at Lighthouse, I learned very quickly that our journey was shared by many in the autism community. Suddenly, the wild idea I had for my son became a fundamental need for so many other families.

As my kids (yes, I now refer to every child that attends Lighthouse as my kid) get older, I am learning that not only are children with autism left behind, but the services for young adults with autism appear to be — dare I say it — even worse. This means that it is up to us at Lighthouse to create an amazing program for my soon-to-be young adults.

Without giving away too much about this new program: Lighthouse is not a temporary stop for our kids. We are a family. Families not only stick together; they support each other as long as necessary.

And with that … stay tuned!

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