The Importance of Taking Breaks

There is a mountain of snow outside today!  Some of you are at work, some shovelling their driveways, and some spending time at home with your kids. Now, if you are a KID – you are likely shouting from the rooftop today that you can stay in your PJ’s that little bit longer, tobogganing seems like a logical thing to do at 7 am, or you are just so happy to have some extra time with Mom and Dad this morning. Everyone appreciates a break. When you work hard, you need a moment to refresh yourself so you can come back a better version of “you” the next time. We give our students breaks throughout the day, typically between each subject. Some breaks are group-class breaks, and some are individual breaks depending on the task.  Regardless, they are meant for the person and therefore unique. Breaks exist for different reasons.  They are used for:
  • reinforcement for a job well done
  • relax, refresh and return
  • time to reorganize our thoughts
  • school is a lot of work
  • time to play with friends
My version of an “Ashley” break includes multiple things.  It almost always involves going for a long walk outside, a cup of tea and listening to music.  The list continues.  When I am tired and in need of refreshment from the “busy” aspects of life, these are the things I turn to.  For the person down the block, their time will look very different than my own. Our students are no different than you and I in this area, however, they may need breaks more often than others and they probably look a lot different.  All of our personalities are so intricately unique that our time to ourselves are destined to also be different.  Their breaks may include their favourite toy to play with, being on the iPad, being on a swing, burying themselves under a blanket, talk to you about sports or simply just sitting an being still. Breaks are so very important.  We work on increasing task loads as we become older, and with that – how often one requires a break, but to always recognize that strong need that we all require time to breath, re-group so we can return as a better versions of ourselves. Happy Snow Day everyone.  Be safe and have fun where ever you are!

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