Advice you SHOULD listen to

Every child, typically developing, and with autism drive their parents crazy sometimes. And as an IT that loves every minute of working with all the kiddos, but also seeing everything parents do on a constant basis, we can understand why a parent of a child with autism can at times dislike their child, and that is OK, completely normal, and understandable. Parenting a child with autism is definitely the most difficult task, and the ultimate labor of love. The constant love, teaching, behaviours, late nights, or all nighters can really take a big toll on parents. That is why it is so important for parents to take time for themselves to recoup and relax, so that they can love their children and teach their children the best they can as much as they can. What should you do with your “free time”? Parents should not feel guilty for having to take time for themselves because they should realize that taking that time is not only good for them, but also good for their children. What ever you do does not matter as long as it is what you want to do, you can go on a date night, spend time with your other children, catch up with friends or family, and anything you feel you need to do to relax. So parents don’t feel bad for feeling selfish sometimes, don’t feel bad for being frustrated and disliking your children at times, because it is completely understandable, parenting a child with autism is way more then a full time job. So especially don’t feel bad for taking time for yourself because it will in the end be better for you, and your children. Written by: Alysha Johnstone, Instructor Therapist at The Lighthouse

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