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A Super Detective!

As we enter into 2016, the Junior class will begin diving deeper into SuperFlex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum. This program was designed to help students develop an awareness for their own thinking, social behaviours as well as learn strategies that can help develop better self-regulation.  It’s fun, interactive and an incredibly hands-on way for […]

The Importance of an Individualized Education Plan

Within the world of education, I have come across a variety of students filled with a special gift. Some were young, eager new learners, entering into their classroom like a sponge waiting to receive all the information they could possibly retrieve. Others were new language learners, entering into their “Canadian” classrooms filled with the unknown […]

The Back to School Lunch Box For A Child With Autism

Confession: I’m a Pinterest addict. I could waste hours of my time pinning everything I love into super organized creative boards. For some people, being a Pinterest addict evolves into beautiful homes, organized closets, gourmet food and fantastic crafts. For me, it is pretty much just a time waster. You see, while I have all […]

Knowledge is Power

The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre understands that not all children who have an Autism diagnosis require a specialized school setting. There are a large number of children on the spectrum who are quite capable of achieving full success while integrated in a public school setting. Unfortunately for children with Autism, it isn’t that simple. […]