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Get up and Get out! Taking Learning Outside.

When it comes to learning, the content of what we learn is usually emphasized. However, how and where we learn is equally important. As a teacher, I’m constantly looking for new ways to motivate my students to learn whether it’s including more hands-on activities, adding technology or changing the space in which we learn. Understanding […]

Benefits of Inclusive Camps for Children Without Disabilities

Earlier this year, one of my fellow colleagues wrote a blog post about The Joy of Inclusive Camping! You should definitely go and read it if you haven’t read it already. What I’d like to focus on in this post is the benefits of inclusive camps for children without disabilities. One of the many reasons […]

A Super Detective!

As we enter into 2016, the Junior class will begin diving deeper into SuperFlex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum. This program was designed to help students develop an awareness for their own thinking, social behaviours as well as learn strategies that can help develop better self-regulation.  It’s fun, interactive and an incredibly hands-on way for […]