Back to School in the Junior Room!

September has begun and it’s full speed ahead for the Junior Class! The first week of school has always been a very exciting time for us. With summer adventures ending and a new chapter for our students beginning, we are so incredibly excited to see what achievements they will achieve this school year. Without a doubt, they will soar and we’ll be sharing their progress with you on the Lighthouse Blog throughout this year so keep your eyes peeled! As an introduction to the Junior Class, I thought I’d share some of the things we will be doing this year. First and foremost, we will be heavily using the SuperFlex Social Thinking Curriculum to help encourage our students to become flexible, social thinkers! They will be challenged to use their Social Detective Tools to identify and practice expected/unexpected thinking. By the end of the school year, we hope all of our students will be able to graduate the SuperFlex academy and become even greater social detectives in the real world! Another one of our class goals this year is to increase our physical activity! By including 30 minutes of daily physical activity (also known as DPA) into our schedule, we hope our students will come to love the wonderful benefits of doing regular exercise and to learn how it can help them maintain healthy lifestyles. Last year we spent a lot of our time building the foundations for research and writing so this year, we hope to guide our students further into the process of writing! With stories, poems and other forms of writing integrated into language block, we hope to reach into the depth of their creativity to make a class literature book by the end of the year! We hope you’ll enjoy following along our school year adventure for this year and we can’t wait to share all the stories that have yet to unfold.

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