Learning is Fun!

I love teaching because I have the power to make learning fun. I can be as creative as I want and I can choose what activities we do as long as I adhere to the Ontario Curriculum. Recently, our class has been spicing up our morning routine by learning via game shows! Perhaps I should have prefaced by letting you know that game shows are HUGE in our class. All of the students love playing The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune or our #1 favourite, Family Feud, on their iPads. So I did some googling and I found templates for Jeopardy and Family Feud that I could modify and use for some of our morning programs. My personal favourite is our Family Feud PowerPoint game because it’s fairly quick to modify and it has all the sounds/music you would hear in the actual show. For example, we’ve been doing our Safe/Dangerous Health Unit and our Things I can Do/Say Anxiety Program as Family Feud. We usually play 4 topic rounds and 1 round of Fast Money. The Fast Money Round is great for increasing fluency and getting the students to think on the spot. After all, they only get <1 minute to answer 8 questions that change on a daily basis. Since implementing the Jeopardy and Family Feud PowerPoint games, the students have not only learned to cooperate and help one another but they’ve also become engaged learners. As a result, they’ve retained most of the information we’ve taught them! Family Feud Picture  

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