The JOY of Inclusion Camping

Camping. Inclusion. Two of my very favourite worlds have collided. I am thankful to say I have spent a fair amount of time putting my energy into both of these areas. Do I ever LOVE camp! (as an understatement) Here are 5 reasons why I do:
  • It is BUCKETS of fun! (that is correct- buckets!)
  • You make the best of friends! (trust me)
  • You learn A LOT (even if your determined not too- it IS after all a break from school)
  • Social opportunities are flourishing with opportunity
  • No bells or whistles are necessary- just be yourself!
The term inclusion in itself is simply to include, and to have different parts together working as a whole. When kids work together as a team they become whole. Kids learn and are encouraged by one another when put into a positive environment with positive role models. Inclusion camping is a 2 way street. It teaches acceptance, patience, understanding and how to be an even better friend than you already were- and you may just find a friend for life while you hang out and play games together! Camp has countless social opportunities and teachable moments naturally embedded into a day to help kids grow and develop. Peer modelling is incredibly valuable when we talk about inclusion in camp. Quite often, it is our peers who may end up being our best teachers when it comes to learning a new sport or an indoor game. The encouragement from a friend to try a new skill is the absolute best feeling. Kids have a lot of influence on each other. In camp, it is all for 1 and 1 for all- they work together and often become each other’s best teachers and cheerleaders. They look to their friends for what to do next in a game, in circle time or out in the playground. Well, the end of camp has arrived, and they’ve had the time of their life. Hopefully walking away with memories, laughter and whether it is realized or not, more knowledge than they walked into the week with. They have learnt how to work together and have gained a unique sense of community! At camp, you don’t need to be anyone but yourself. Come as you are, have fun, sing songs, please (!!) laugh a lot, eat some s’mores and make new friends! The simplicity of camp is what makes it so very special. When we experience it together as a whole, expect transformation! Are you ready for your child to experience the joy of an inclusive March Break day camp or summer day camp? Get more info and a registration form here!

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