What to Expect at a Lighthouse Camp

When it comes to finding a suitable camp for children with Autism, it can become a very daunting task for parents. Several questions can come to mind such as; will my child have fun? Is this a safe environment? How trained are the staff? Here at The Lighthouse Learning and Development Centre, we have a number of important principles established within our organization that can address various concerns or questions. Professionalism in our staff: All of our staff at the Lighthouse has a very strong background in the field of Autism and ABA principals associated when working with individuals on the spectrum. When it comes to the calibre of our teachers, educational assistants, camp leaders, and other professionals related to our organization, we ensure that everyone has received adequate education, training and experience. It is also important for our staff to establish a strong rapport between our students and families attending the Lighthouse, as well maintaining a positive relationship throughout. Safety: No matter what environment or setting, parents always wonder about the safety of their children. Furthermore, families always want to have a secure peace of mind that their child will be surrounded in a setting where they are guaranteed a super, fun time, as well as not having to worry about them. After all, parents also deserve a break from their role as “mom” or “dad”, and merit extra time for themselves. Here at the Lighthouse, we ensure that our students are guaranteed a welcoming, safe environment that is not only fun and engaging but also very inclusive. We welcome families with children with Autism, as well as siblings, friends and other members of the family. Social Skills: Since our camp offers full inclusion to the general population, it is also an excellent environment to promote consistent, daily routines as well as social opportunities. Children often mimic and imitate one another through natural occurrences, therefore increasing positive interactions and relationships among one another. Not only will your child be offered a week of fun, but also will walk away with a brand new friend! To find out more about our March Break day camp and summer day camp, click here.

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